Frequently Asked Questions

What is a daily money manager?

Daily money managers provide clients assistance in handling their daily financial affairs. Clients may desire such help for a variety of reasons, including time constraints, physical limitations, illness, lack of knowledge, or the desire to be relieved of the responsibility. Services meet a range of needs from keeping track of financial records to assisting with bill payment to setting up your financial software.

If I hire you, do I still need an accountant and financial planner?

Checks & Balances does not do taxes or give investment advice. Our services are meant to complement the work of these other professionals on your team. We can keep your records organized so that when it comes time to do your taxes, everything is ready. Your CPA will be able to spend less time figuring out your receipts and more time on finding all of the deductions you are entitled to. To assist your financial adviser, we can prepare income and spending reports that will provide them with a more complete picture of your financial situation. With thorough record keeping, you might find you have more money available for investments than you thought!

Do you have to come to my home to work?

Not necessarily. In some cases it is easier to perform the work in the client’s home where all of the records are located. In other cases, the work can be performed from our office.

How much do your services cost?

You’ll find our services cost less than those of other financial professionals like CPA’s, financial planners, or attorneys. Utilizing our services allows them to spend more time on the services you pay them for. Oftentimes you will more than offset our fees through elimination of bank fees and late charges. We offer monthly service packages as well as hourly project billing.

I think I can do this on my own. I just need someone to help me get started.

No problem. We are available to teach you how to utilize online banking, automatic bill pay, financial software, and other financial tools you might need.