Financial Services

Personalized just for you

Do You Need Personal Financial Services?

Are you overwhelmed with the financial responsibilities that add pressure to your already hectic life?

Are you paying unnecessary bank fees, knowing that you could put that money to better use?

At tax time, do you spend hours finding paperwork, receipts, and other documentation that would provide you with maximum deductions?

Have you recently lost a spouse and find that you are unprepared to take over the immediate financial responsibilities?

Now that you have retired, are you ready to let go and have fun, while someone else handles your daily finances?

Are your elderly parents at a point in their life where they need someone trustworthy to oversee and handle their financial affairs, relieving you of that burden?

Our Services Include:

  • Review mail and dispose of confusing solicitations
  • Organize bills and review for errors
  • Set up a simple system to make sure all bills are paid on time
  • Write checks for client’s signature
  • Set up bill pay and online banking
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements
  • Manage bank balances to avoid unnecessary fees
  • Train on financial software
  • Meet with other financial professionals on your team
  • Track monthly income and expenses
  • Provide monthly spending or cash flow reports

Client Testimonials

“Cindy’s expertise and experience with a vast array of financial issues allows her to help each client in an individual and personalized way. I would heartily recommend Cindy for your financial organizing needs for you or your family!” – Chris C.

“Organizing bills, payment schedules, creating budgets, this was something that I honestly just could not do. Cindy came in and sat down with me and pulled all my bills together and wrote up a schedule of the payments and their due dates and created a budget that I was able to live by. It was a relief to know that the bills were getting paid within a timely manner, there was money in the bank and no more overdraft charges.” – Brenda J.

“Your role in the life of my brother’s finances has saved us time, effort, and cash! Further, we have provided your work to the Probate Court and there has been nothing but praise and commendations for the reports which you do and continue to do for us. We appreciate your professional assistance and services to us.” – Dorothy B.

“Cindy stepped in to help our family when my mother passed away, and has helped us with everything from pulling paperwork together for probate to tracking down and collecting an account in her name from another country. She was able to effectively and efficiently handle all the necessary paperwork for us to resolve my mother’s estate and then she continued to help my elderly father pay his bills, pull together paperwork for his taxes, and various other items that came up…… Cindy has been absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone!” – Julie S.